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Winter Mice Problems

Pest Control in Marion County, OregonAs temperatures drop, this time of year, a lot of the outside pests become inside pests, as they are seeking a warmer place to live and a constant food source. The most invasive of these pests tend to be mice. They set up nests in your walls and other dark, warm, quiet areas of your house including storage areas, cabinets, and food pantries. Mice will chew up clothing, bedding, and documents, destroying these important and valuable items to create a comfortable nest in which to live and breed. As if the damage that mice can do to your home isn’t enough, it’s important to note the adverse effects these rodents can have on your health, as they can carry any number of diseases that do infect humans.

The average female mouse can give birth to up to 60 offspring in a single year with approximately seven mice per litter. At the first sign of mice, it is essential to contact the professionals to evaluate the severity of your infestation and determine how the mice may be getting into your home. All a mouse needs is an opening the size of a dime to gain access, so their point of entry may not be obvious.

Contact the professionals at AAA Pest Exterminators to inspect your home for a potential mice infestation and let us rid your home of these filthy pests. We provide pest control in Marion County, Oregon, as well as the surrounding areas.

Exceptional Spider Pest Control for You

Spider Pest ControlSpiders are one of the most feared pests out there. Many people’s fears are justified, as black widows and brown recluses can be deadly. They can creep into your home through window and door cracks, as well as enter on items that come from the outside. The experts at AAA Pest Exterminators, Inc., are available to help you get these scary creatures out of your home.

When you start to notice spiders in your home, it is crucial that you have a specialist come to your home to ensure that they are not poisonous spiders. Even if they are not venomous, our exterminators can help you with your problem. We provide regular pest control services to ensure that these creatures do not breed and become huge problems. Once the issue is under control, we also do perimeter spraying to prevent new spiders from getting into your home. For your peace of mind, this process is simple and safe for everyone in your house.

Contact the specialists at our business when you need spider pest control services. Our company is proud to provide services in Portland, OR, as well as Albany, Dallas, and Woodburn. All you have to do is let us know about your problem. We will assist you.

Common Pests in Fall and Winter

Pest Control ServicesFall is here, and winter is right around the corner. Pest control may seem like a thing you deal with in the warmer months, but there are still many creatures you have to deal with during the cold. Here are some of the common pests you have to look out for this season:

  • Roaches – Roaches will do what they can to find warm spaces in your home. They like to hide in baseboards, under the sink, and in any spots that give off warmth. You should be on the lookout in these spaces when you notice signs of roaches in your home before it becomes a more significant problem.
  • Ants – Did you know that ants are often a problem all year long in Oregon? Carpenter ants are perhaps one of the worst problems, as they are particularly destructive to your home. Look for piles of wood shavings in your home, as well as keep an eye out in basements and attics.
  • Rodents – Mice and rats are just searching for ways to get indoors during the cold months. By keeping your lawn maintained, sealing off potential entry points in your home, and storing your food in containers at all times, you will prevent infestations.

When it comes to pest control services in Salem, OR, and the surrounding areas, you can trust the team at AAA Pest Exterminators, Inc., to assist you. Our team is ready to help you get rid of all pests in your home.

Put a Stop to Pests in the Office

Salem Pest ManagementYou can find pests in any area – including your office. Put a stop to pests in your workspace with help from the team at AAA Pest Exterminators, Inc. Take a look at this excellent advice for business owners:

  • No Eating at Desks – We know that asking employees not to eat at their desks is a big deal, but it is a quick and easy way to put a stop to pest infestations. To help put a stop to desk snacking, you should provide your team with extra break times for meals. Additionally, investing in a nice eating area is a wise plan.
  • Stop Standing Water – Standing water is a problem when it comes to pest infestations. While you may think it is not essential, pests will congregate around standing water in kitchens and bathrooms. It would help if you called a plumber the moment you notice standing water.
  • Empty Trash Cans Every Night – If you are allowing your team to enjoy coffee and snacks at their desks, you should make sure that you remove the trash every night. Hire a janitorial staff to perform this task, as well as vacuum under desks.

When you need Salem pest management services in your office, you can rest assured that our team will be able to help you. Our business has been providing exceptional services for more than 20 years.

Spotting Pests in the Home

Pest Control ServicesPests will do whatever it takes to move into your home. Take a look at this list of spots you should look at when you are dealing with problems in your home:

  • Under the Oven – Can you remember the last time you cleaned under your over? Many of us ignore this spot. This area in your kitchen usually traps crumbs, which is sure to attract any possible pests. If you check this spot and do not see any pests, then you should consider cleaning it anyway.
  • Dry Food Storage Spots – Whether you have a large pantry or a small cabinet where you keep your dry food, pests are sure to move into these spots. It would help if you took some time to clean out old cereal, nearly empty bags of rice, and any other food you will not be eating in the near future to stop infestations.
  • Junk Collections – From piles of mail to small towers of toys, every homeowner is bound to have a junk collection in the home at some point. Pests can hide under these piles for months without anyone

Did you find pests while checking out these spots in your home? If the answer is yes, you can count on the team at AAA Pest Exterminators, Inc., to help you. We provide exceptional pest control services in Salem and the surrounding areas.

Important Information about Winter Roach Infestations

Pest Control in Salem, OregonLet’s face it – no one wants cockroaches in their home. Even people who keep cockroaches as pets do not want to deal with an unwelcomed infestation. Cockroaches are known for bringing diseases into your home, which can harm you and your family. The dedicated crew at AAA Pest Exterminators, Inc., are available to assist you with your roach issue before it becomes a more significant problem.

It is crucial that you contact the exterminators at our business the moment you notice a cockroach in your home. Our team is known for providing fast and efficient pest control in Salem, Oregon, and the surrounding areas. Whether you need help at your home or your business, you can rest assured that our team will get rid of these pests.

Three Signs of a Rodent in Your Home

pest control servicesDo you think a mice or a rat is taking up residence in your home? If you answered yes to this question, then take a look at these three signs that you may have a new house guest:

  • Nests – Take some time to look in the more secluded and dark areas of your home, such as the attic, your garage, or rooms that do not have any windows. Rodents prefer these areas and will typically set up a nest in the corner using shredded paper and pieces of fabric.
  • Something Going Bump in the Night – Are you hearing strange sounds in the night? Before you contact an exorcist, you should pay attention to these sounds. Mice and rats will get into your walls and make strange scratching noises as they explore their new home.
  • Droppings – One of the most visible signs that a rat or mouse has moved in is rodent droppings. These creatures tend to leave small, dry pellets behind in places where they eat. Check your pantry, kitchen cabinet, and any other areas where you are storing food.

Contact the team at AAA Pest Exterminators, Inc., when you are seeking pest control services in Salem, Oregon. Our dedicated team will help you get rid of mice and rats, as well as ants, termites, spiders, and bed bugs.

Dealing with Ants in Your Home

Dealing with ants in the home is very frustrating. Take a look at this list of areas ants tend to live:

  • Kitchen – You are most likely to find ants infesting your kitchen, as they can get water and food at all times while living there. It is vital that you take care of spills and clean up crumbs whenever you notice these spots, as these messes are feasts for ants. Keeping your kitchen clean at all times is the easiest way to avoid infestations.
  • Inside Your Walls – A tiny crack in your home exterior or interior can lead to an ant infestation. You should keep an eye out for any of these cracks in the wall and patch them as soon as you notice them. If your home has a basement, you should keep an eye on the foundation.
  • Bathrooms – Bathrooms are an excellent source of water for ants, so they will often set up a colony in these areas. Keeping your basement clean with plenty of disinfectants, putting personal care items away, and always handling leaks and drips will keep ants out of your bathroom.

Get rid of ants in your home with help from the team at AAA Pest Exterminators, Inc. We are the company to contact when you are seeking Salem pest management services.

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